Dec 7, 2008


I bet there wud be no south indian who is nt in luv with dosas....yeah, one of the most mouth-watering dish of our very our nation, which goes excellent with soooooo many side dishes. What else cud make a day better than having dosas with a minimum of ten of these fav dips. At last, the most awaited (can't put in words how desperately I expected this day) dosa mela get-together was put into action yesterday.

It all started @ 6:30 pm with friends comin in to Padma's place one by one...carrying their contributions for the day with no excuses watsoever ;) Trust me, our guys were totally dedicated...they usually are when it comes to food ;) juz kidding...When we the 3 K's (Kishore, Krrish and Kavitha) turned in (oh yeah, we were late as usual...hey, v gotto a reason...don't we....KRRISH :) ) the clock was ticking almost past 7 pm...The fun was juz kickstarting with the ladies all grouped chit-chatting and the gentlemans with their usual intelligent chat(as they put it always..who knows wat those guys r upto...rite gals) I'm damn sure I did nt miss much of the fun being late cos there were some more late arrivals after me too...can always trust my frnz on being late ;) ...

When everyone finally got settled with their share of chutneys, kurumas, non-veg specials, batters, griddles, and was high time for the fun to comes the major twist of the day...The guys were such sweethearts and volunteered to be the chefs of the day...and believe me, they did an excellent job than us...which made me think a second, if the ladies shud swap their places with the guys in kitchen...wat a bless it wud be if tatz only gonna happen..ok nw comin out from my dreams letz get back on track..where was I..oh yeah, the chefs..the chefs of the day were Balaji(expert on making star dosas), Ravi(A real hero in making paesarattu and adai), Anand(the most fixed chef of the day) and Balaji(the dancer-chef)...Hearty and special thanx to these guys..for without them the day wud have been nothing...They were busy making dosas for the whole crowd for nearly more than 2 hours...tat was indeed a great help..dont u think..n finally i did notice tat they did nt eat their full, cos as any dosa maker shud know, one who prepares them lose the interest in eating them, n tat too after making soooooo many dosas, no doubt tat juz the sight of dosa wud have made them pissed off...poor 'em..

With the chefs in full action and each taking a variety of dosa into their control, padma and myself made sure that we took a snapshot of the dips first...cos there was no promise tat you cud see 'em in shape once everyone gets an appetite..So here goes the pics of the dips...I promise to post the recipes of 'em soon in separate blogs after getting in touch with the gals who did 'em...

The place where most of the fun took place was in the chefs corner..yeah, the kitchen...the guys were creating so much fun and excitement in addition to the wonderful dosas..Balaji as I mentioned earlier was too involved in making his special "star", to be more specific "actress" dosas, which were supposed to be masala and egg dosas...Moving on to ravi, I should mention his skill on dosas...Priya, his wife is one lucky chap..I was talking about the way he made Adai even after reaching home...His special Paesarratu has to be mentioned...Now, the next wud be Anand...geetha having gone to India, he was there busily making hot dosas for us..His wife sure did miss the fun..I dont think she missed his dosas cos the way he made dosa sure showed his expertise on 'em..Ennaga Geetha, veetula anand anna thaan dosa incharge'a??? ;) Last but not the least, comes Prabhu...I'm meeting his wife Selvi and him for the first time but it juz didn't feel so..they were so friendly tat they totally take off the hesitations you cud have wen u come across somebody for the first time..Balaji was responsible for making laughs in addition to making dosas for the day...

Well now, back to the story, it was decided tat the moms take the first dosas for their know, how hard it is,we thought tat once it was done, the moms cud happily move on with their dosas...But feeding the kids did take a lot of time, atleast for me it did seem so with my lil picky eater running all around and me chasing him with his ghee dosa :) Well, the others did run too after their kids but I bet nt as I did..correct thaana moms :) The moms did take a break in the midst of all tis to get into small chit-chats...Mine was with sangeetha for a while discussing abt the pros and cons of our lil ones and then I moved to the basement and joined in with padma, senthil, selvi, priya and sheela...then later again was seen with roselin(discussing abt my potato masala recipe..thanx for the good feedback roselin) priya balaji and prema...

Once the moms were "kinda" done with their lil munchkins, the dads were done with their share of dosas helpful of them :) Tis was when I was informed tat kishore was being served with "Namitha" dosa...nw who was tis culprit who was making my "innocent" hubby dear these kind of dosas..guess who..who else can do such things other than the one and only Balaji...there was some kind of wave going on between balaji and kishore leading to such was day of no restrictions..i juz let go of these guys to enjoy to their utmost...It was time for the moms to eat...hmm...ellarum goothala kuthichutoom la...only we know hw good it feels and tastes to have someone else cook for us...and tat too tis was a special one cos it was the guys who were incharge of the cooking section...we all took our share of dosas and ended up @ the same place to continue with our lil talks...Hmm...since our talks being personal to ourselves, cudn't juz elaborate much on letz keep moving on to the next section of fun :)

It was now time for the chefs to grab their share of dosas...the chef places were now occupied partly with the chef's wives which includes sangeetha, priya ravi, padma and senthil..the gals were back in action for a while n did a pretty gud job with dosas..common, i have to be in support with my gals...don't I :) Thou itz a loud and clear "Who..ha..who..ha...who..ha" for the guys, the gals do deserve a lil of the same "who..ha".. :)

Having done with all the dosas, it did take some time for the cleaning..then after cleaning., was FUN started roaring with the clock ticking already past 10:30pm..the guys were in full form and it was steps for all the ganna songs of our joined in the dance too and contributed some pretty good steps with their soft happy feets..with the hit numbers "mala mala(mumtaz special)" and "taxi taxi" numbers roaring, the guys were in their own world of dance...every single soul in the room was enjoying the moment to the fullest..wish the time never ticked was past midnight wen we realized that it was high time we started driving to our home sweet home :) yeah, sounds something to the cinderalla story isn't it...nt sure hw it was for the others but for me, it sure was a cinderalla story...THANX FOR THE GALLA TIME FRNZ...waiting for the next get-together to rock again :)

Technical Details of the Dosa Mela event ;)
Guests : Almost 50 people
Chefs : Shud be 10 I believe :)
Venue : Padma's house
Time: 6:30 pm
Menu :
Dosa Varieties - Ghee Roast, Egg Dosa, Masala Dosa, Uttappam, Adai, Carrot Adai, Pesarattu

- Sambar, potato masala,potato peas kurma, masala for uttappam, onion tomato chutney, pudina chutney, kothamalli chutney, coconut chutney, peanut chutney, karam chutney, chutney podi
, chicken kurma and aattu kaal paaya


  1. Wow!!!Very nice to see the pictures and think again about our get together..Good work Kavitha

    Feel like having many more dosa parties

  2. Thanx a ton dear...for the comments n also for being such a wonderful host yday...

  3. Kavitha..Gr8 da...Appidiya neril parthu, dosa rusithathu pol irrunthathu...
    from 6.30 sorry 7.00 (nee ulla ponathulenthu..)
    kadaisi varaikkum...unn elluthukaal...appidiya scene by scene kannu ku munadi...nadatha mathiri katuthu...

  4. Good job Kavitha. It was fun attending the dosa party and reading your blog too.

  5. excelente amiga, i was reliving the dosa mela evening while reading your writeup. it was more like a live running commentary of the event.
    once again hatsoff padma for organizing and hosting this fun all the chiefs,thank you guys for being a sport and ofcourse thanks to all the participants ( i came very close to missing all the fun.)

  6. U made a excellent script abt Dosa mela. Its really very nice Kavi. Wtz next???????????? - PriyaRavi


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