Dec 3, 2008

Peerkangai Masiyal

Ingredients : 

* Peerkangai / Ridge Gourd
* Cooked toor Dhall
* Green Chilli
* Salt to taste.
* Turmeric powder
* Lime juice
* Coriander leaves

For Tempering :

* Mustard
* Urid Dhall
* Channa Dhall
* Jeera
* Curry leaves
* Ginger

Method :

Heat Kadai with little oil and temper it with the above ingredients.Peel the skin of Peerkangai / Ridge Gourd and cut in to small pieces. Boil it with salt and turmeric powder..Once it is boiled add Green Chillis , and cooked Toor dhall and add lime juice , coriander leaves..

Peerkangai / Ridge Gourd Masiyal is ready.


  1. nt sure if i wud get ridge gourd here...if i do, i'm sure gonna try this dish


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