Mar 12, 2009

Some more English to Tamil translations....

Have added some more translations from english to tamil....mostly the list includes veggies and fruits names...


  1. Wow Great Job!! Never knew Seppankizhangu was called Colacassia. I have a small gift waiting for you in my New Blog Post... Please do accept it.

  2. thanx for ur comments n for ur wonderful gift :) felt really special n close on gettin the gift da...well, tis translation job was sure hectic...i wud hav traded easily tis job for writing 10 recipes...nways felt tat all the goggle'ing was sure of use after getting a warm comment on it :)

  3. >Spinach leaves Kadugu keerai
    >Blueberry Avurnelli
    >Black eye beans Narippayir
    >Blackberry Nagapazham
    >Cow peas Karamani
    >Linseed seeds Alivirai

    Kavitha, kadugu keerai is mustard greens
    black eyed peas/Thattai payar are the same - just different color - and are called cow peas. Also called karamani

    Naripayar is called moth / matki in Hindi. It is not cowpeas.

    Linseeds are aali vidhai

    Nagapazham is jambolan, sweet olive or java plum in english. It's not a berry.

    You have a very nice blog. I've been here since morning reading all your posts. I hope you don't mind me writing back about the above.

  4. First n foremost, thanx so much for taking time to send me the was so sweet of u...i sure don't mind getting some help like tis...coming to the translations, i googled and put the info...happy tat u took the pain of goin thru ' wud hav been nicer had u penned down ur name in the comment...juz did'nt like the way it sounded "Anonymous" :) Do keeping dropping by and rendering ur support...

  5. Hi, Interesting blog. I think the proof of the pudding is in the eating. If u are in Bangalore u shud consider inviting us (my wife & my daughter + ME )for lunch. LOL.
    Keep up the good work


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