Feb 24, 2009

Grilled Masala Corn

Oh my goodness....yeah, i know i'm starting my blog real absurd...itz juz the crunchy masala taste which makes me write it...no italian, chinese, mexican, burger, pizza's can stand in front of this grilled masala corn...gals from chennai...juz tell me what strikes ur mind the first instant you read the recipe name...whoo..yeah, our very own marina beach...who wud say a no to those hot grilled masala corn's...yummy...yummy...without making more mouth-watering comments lemme skip on to the easy preparation of this masala corn...i'm damn sure u know how to do it, well, i've posted this recipe only to remind you of the corn and to push u to go ahead and do it..enjoy doing and munching the corn ;)

  • Corn - 1
  • Lemon slice - 1/4
  • Chilli pdr - as req
  • Salt - as req

Grill the corn, till you can see some black spots on the corn...I juz love those black burnt corns...well, itz upto you to burn 'em and taste ;)
Once your corn is grilled, go ahead and dip your lemon slice into chilli pdr and salt mixture. Then juz coat your masala filled lemon juice onto the grilled corn....thou I'm already having one of these scrumptious corns while i'm posting this blog, here I go for another one....who wudn't :P


  1. I just love this grilled corn and my favourite


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