Feb 20, 2009

Welcome to Sasi & Sasi's Crispy Wheat Rava Dosa

Time for another addition to the list of lovely contributors to my blog...dishes and recipes vary from nation to nation, city to city and coming to the core, even from one individual to another...the same recipe with the same ingredients get their own taste wen prepared by two different persons..well, tatz the magic of cooking...one of those unsolved mysteries on earth :)
      Havin spoken abt the different flavours one cud come across, wat else cud be the reason for me dedicating a special section for my friends and their signature dishes...cooking is something in which u cud nvr ever stop learning..therez alwayz something new and different to try out...yeah, the learning juz never ends...oops, looks like i started with some kinda welcome note to one of those special contributors bt then moved into a whole differnet topic after the first line...hehehehhe...sorry abt tat ...
     Coming back to the line, this new entry to my blog is a friend of my pal gays...her name is sasi and heard tat shez expecting a new addition to her family soon...hearty congrats sasi...hope to catch ya up with loads of ur tastty n yummy dishes before u get occupied with the lil munchkin...ask me abt getting busy with a baby...uhh...jobs never seem to end...hope every mom will agree on tat...well, nways, in spite of all the tiredness u will be put into, nothingz more fun and happier in life, than babies...hmm..hmmm...again getting diverted...So, lemme put as period to my stories and say "Welcome to the blog sasi..."

Ingredient:-(for 2 person)
  • Wheat Rava - 2cups
  • Chilli -2 nos
  • Salt -1tsp (small spoon)
  • (Shallots) Small Onion -2 nos
  • chopped Curry leaves & coriander leaves - a handful (This is optional)
Method :

Soak rava for 15 min and grind them to paste with onion and chilli. The paste should be in dosa batter consistency.Add salt , curry leaves and coriander leaves.
Heat the pan and make dosa with this batter.You will be able to make thin crispy dosa with less oil or no oil.

    The wheat dosa that we make with wheat flour normaly requires more oil and its sticky when compared with this one. Also most of us use wheat rava only for upma. I can assure that this will be a different one.


    1. Hi Kavi,

      As your name your welcome note also sound as poet for me.Thanks a lot.Good that you have been doing this and make use of your time wisely.I love that.

      Thanks for updating this site with my recipe.

      Will also update with new once shortly!

      Keep rocking..

    2. thanx so much for ur support sasi..waiting eagerly for ur version of recipes...


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