Nov 27, 2008

Cauliflower Peas Kurma(without coconut)


Cauliflower florets
Peas cooked
Onion - 1 medium chopped
tomato - 3 medium
spices - cardamom,cloves,cinnamon,, cumin and fennel seeds
cashew - few pieces
poppy seeds - 1/2 poon
garlic - 4 pods
Powders - chilli, coriander(dhaniya), garam masala


In a pan add oil and first season it with half of all the spices( other than fennel seeds). Add chopped onion and cook till done then add chilli powder, dhaniya powder and garam masala powder. Then add the masala( grind the remaining spices, garlic,cashew, poppy seeds and tomato). Add salt , cauliflower and peas and cook till done.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the recp. Got new one ..and that too without coconut...Really awesome..will try this today night...and give the comment..
    it is really tempting...

  2. Yeah sure , try them and give your comments...forgot to mention the poppy seed don't grind that if anyone is adding that then soak them in little water for some time and grind with other ingredients

  3. Hi,

    Recp. came out very well..Thank u so much..
    I think some mistake in cauliflower at UK. I have tried lot of dishes With cauliflower...i get some sour taste only..don't know why it is?
    and my husband doesn't like certain ingred. so i took ur idea and did as per his taste..

    It came out very well...Keep sending us lot of recps. from ur side also...
    Waitinng for ur new recps...

  4. Well, i think itz high time i try out tis dish too...cant wait after hearing ur feedback on it gays..well, comin to padms's recipe...u shud sure try out her baby corn manchurian.. wil post her recipe soon on the blog..

  5. U just copied this exactly from padma....:) :)

  6. @ Anonymous : We haven't copied it ...This is Padma's recipe only . In initial period Padma was sharing recipes in this blog ..later she started he own blog me (Gayathri ) and Kavitha are sharing recipes here ...and we do shared few recipes sent to us by our friends .


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