Nov 12, 2010

Badusha - Marking our 2nd Anniversary !!!

Hi All,
I've set back a while from blogging due to family and office calls. Itz been Gayathri who has kept this going on inspite of my absence. Thanks to her first for being such a sweetheart. Next thanks to all you guys out there for making this happen. Yes, we are marking our 2nd blog anniversary. What is the item of celebs...Itz BADUSHA !!! honestly, this is one of my Diwali recipes. I had to steal it and make it my Anniversary recipe...Watz to lose as long as the recipe is registered ;)

Also as part of this anniversary I make a pledge of getting in shape this year (which means before our next blog anniversary). I would be penning in, hopefully, more of diet recipes, cos that is wat I am planning to cook for the next few months :) Hope you would enjoy and support it as much as you have been till date. Special thanks once again to my gud pal Gaays, who keep me going :)

Now for the recipe. This recipe was from my Chithi, who is known for her sweets...

Badusha in Making :D
Yogurt (make sure it is not sour) + sugar (1 tbsp) --> Stir this well till it gets nicely blend
Maida (All purpose flour) - 1 cup
Knead the above to make a nice dough (actually it should be a lil softer than the chapathi dough)

Close the dough and keep it for 15 mins. You can add a lil baking soda to it. But that it purely optional. After 15 mins make a ball and then press it with your hand to make it a lil flat. Don't forget to put in the small press to the center of the flat balls (that is what gives you the Badusha feel :) ). Fry this in oil and keep aside.

Sugar Syrup:
Same as any syrup preparation. Take 3/4 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water. Heat both and switch off the flame when it reaches the single thread consistency. Dip the fried badushas in this syrup for 5 mins. Yummmyyyy badushas are ready to eat !!!

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