Dec 30, 2010

Masoor dal soup

Saw this recipe here and tried it ... the taste was excellent and this was too filling ..Thanks to Jeyashri , for sharing this recipe ...

Ingredients needed :
  • Masoor dhal - 2 cups
  • Onion - 1
  • Tomatoes - 2
  • Garlic pods - 2
  • Corriander leaves
  • Salt
  • Pepper powder - little
  • Jeera powder (opt.) - little
Method : 

Roughly chop tomatoes and onions and set aside. In a pressure pan / cooker add 1 tsp. oil and saute the onions + tomatoes and add water + masoor dal and pressure cook it well. Once the cooked dal is cooled well , transfer it to the mixie jar and using whipper button slightly grind it to get the smooth paste consistency now transfer it again to the kadai and salt + jeera powder (opt.) + pepper powder and bring it to boil for very few mins and garnish it with coriander leaves.
    Wishing a Very Happy New year to all our friends ...May this new year bring many opportunities to your way, to explore every joy of life and may your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm, turning all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievements.

    With lots of love,
    Kavitha & Gayathri.

    Dec 17, 2010


    Thanks a lot to Shanthi madam , for the recipe ...It came out so well and we are enjoying it ..made this as prasadam for Vaikunta Ekadasi / Koodaraivalli.

    Ingredients needed :
    • Raw Rice - 2 cups
    • Moong dhal - 1/4 cup
    • Jaggery - 1/4 cup
    • Sugar - 1/4 cup
    • Water - 1/2 cup
    • Milk - 1 ltr.
    • Ghee
    • Elachi powder
    • Cashews
    • Raisins
    Method :

    Wash and drain rice and dhal. Heat a kadai , and fry the rice and dhal till it turns slight yellow in colour. In a presure cooker add little ghee and add the fried rice and dhal and add 1/2 ltr. milk and presure cook it for 4 whistles. In a kadai , add ghee and fry the cashews and raisins and keep it aside ... now add jaggery and sugar and add water and allow it to dissolve well. Once the presure is released , mash the rice and dhal well , add the jaggery and sugar water and add remaining milk + fried cashews and raisins and allow it to cook for few mins ..
      This should be semi solid , you can add more milk to get the consistency ...

      Dec 16, 2010

      Oats - Apple Milkshake - 2 types

      Ingredients needed :
      • Oats - 1 cup
      • Apple - 1
      • Vanilla essence
      • Milk - 1/2 cup
      • Water - 1/2 cup
      • Sugar - 2 tsp.
      • MTR - Badam powder - 2 tsp. (opt)

      Method :
      Grind the oats into fine powder and in a small pan mix the oats powder and water and cook it well till done ...allow it cool well ...Chop the apples into pieces and add it to the mixie jar along with all other ingredients ...sugar + MTR - Badam powder + vanilla essence + milk + cooled oats mix and grind it using the whipper button ...(only then the you will get frothy milkshake) ...
        if you want it chill , can refrigerate it and serve it, you can add few apple chunks too ...

        U can even make Chocolate - Oats - Apple Milkshake : Just reduce sugar and add a tsp. of Nutella spread or hot chocolate powder and enjoy it 

        Dec 15, 2010

        Kashmiri Dum Aloo - Icc

        The recipe chosen for this month challenge in Indian cooking challenge by Srivalli is kashmiri Dum Aloo

        Ingredients needed :
        • Baby Potatoes - 1/2 kg.
        • Salt
        • Oil
        to marinate :
        • Curd - 2 cups
        • Jeera powder
        • Kashmiri red chilli powder
        • Garam Masala powder
        • fennel seeds powder
        • Ginger powder
        to temper :
        • cloves
        • Hing powder

        Method :

        Wash and clean potatoes and prick it with fork all over and soak it in water by adding little salt for 20 mins ...heat a kadai , add oil and deep fry these potatoes till they turn into golden brown colour ...and drain the excess oil and keep it ready ..In a bowl add curd + salt + all the ingredients given under to marinate and mix it well ...then add the deep fried potatoes and keep it aside...In a kadai heat little oil and add cloves + hing powder and add the marinated potatoes ..and allow it to cook well ..for the dum method ...seal the edges of the kadai with the dough and cook on a low flame for 15 mins ...

          the baby potatoes , which I got was bit big in size so had to cut into half or 4 pieces and use it ...The actual recp. asks for tempering with mustard oil ...I used the ord. cooking oil ..

            Coconut Ladoo

            I got 1/2 coconut as a prasadam , thought of making some sweet and came across this here,and tried immediately ...came out so well and it was very easy to make ....

            Ingredients needed :
            • Grated Coconut - 1/2 cup
            • Milk powder - 1 cup
            • Condensed milk - little
            • Ghee - 1 tsp
            • Elachi powder - little (opt.)

            Method :

            Heat a pan add ghee and when it starts to melt , keep the flame in low add the coconut + milk powder + condensed milk + elachi powder and mix it well .... switch off and take small portion of the mix and shape it into small balls ...

            Ps.: Due to some internet problem ,while I posted this recipe on 13 th , I got the comment saying picture is not visible posting it again ...Hope this time you will be able to view the pictures ..If not do let me know please ...

            Dec 9, 2010

            Karuveppalai Thogayal

            Ingredients needed :
            • Curry leaves - 2 cups
            • Urid dhal
            • Channa dhal
            • Dhaniya
            • Tamarind juice - little
            • Hing powder
            • Dried red chillies
            • Oil
            • Salt
            For tempering :
            • Mustard seeds
            • Urid dhal
            Method : 

            Remove the leaves from the stem , clean it and keep it aside ... Heat a kadai , add 1tsp. of oil and add urid dhal+ channa dhal and fry it till it turns golden colour and keep it aside ... now fry the dhaniya seeds + dried red chillies and transfer it to a plate and allow it to cool ...
            now fry the curry leaves by adding 1tsp. oil till done... in a mixer grinder add all the roasted items and grind it coaresly by adding hing powder + salt ...
            then add the curry leaves add enough water needed and grind it into a fine paste. now, heat the kadai add 2 tsp of oil and temper it with mustard seeds + urid dhal and add the grinded paste + tamarind juice and mix it well and keep frying it for few mins till it gets thicker and it will get slight dark in colour ...

            Now switch off the flame ...Take a spoon of this thogayal and mix it with hot rice + a tsp. of gingely oil ..

              Dec 7, 2010


              We make this sweet dish on Saraswathi pooja day this recipe from Lata madam ...Thanks a lot madam came out so well ...

              Ingredients needed :  

              for outer covering :
              • Urid dhal - 1/2 cup
              • Rice - 1 tsp.
              • Salt - a pinch
              for filling :
              • Grated coconut - 1cup
              • Jaggery - 1/2 cup
              • Elachi powder - little
              Oil for deep frying.

              Method : 

              Wash and soak the urid dhal and rice together for an hour and then drain the water and grind it into fine paste by adding little water and add the pinch of salt to the batter , if needed add little water and make it like a dosa batter , but bit more thicker than that...heat a kadai and add jaggery and little water and allow it to dissolve well and then strain it to remove the scum , and again heat the jaggery water to get a thick syrup , once done add the grated coconut and mix it well till it forms like a thick paste to that add the elachi powder and keep stirring it till u get the consistency of rolling it like a ball,(you can check this by taking very little in ur hand and try rolling it )... then remove from fire and allow it to cool....then roll all the filling into small balls and keep it ready. Heat a kadai and add oil for deep frying , once the oil is hot ...take a ball of filling and dip it in the batter and drop it in hot oil and deep fry all the filling in the same manner till the outer covering gets a golden colour ...sukhiyan is ready ..

                Dec 1, 2010

                Karuveppalai Podi

                Hi all ,
                Thanks a lot friends for wishing us for our blog second anniversary .. and as my system was not working fine for the past one month I was not able to post anything in this blog ...Hope hereafter I will be posting the recipes regularly ...Thanks for all your support and encouragement to the Karuveppalai podi / curry leaves powder recipe ....

                Ingredients needed :
                • Curry leaves - 2 cups
                • Urid dhal
                • Channa dhal
                • Dhaniya
                • Tamarind - little
                • Hing powder
                • Dried red chillies
                • Oil
                • Salt
                Method : 

                Remove the curry leaves from the stem, clean it and keep it aside. Heat a kadai , add 1tsp. of oil and add urid dhal+ channa dhal and fry it till it turns golden colour and keep it aside ... now fry the dhaniya seeds + dried red chillies + tamarind and transfer it to a plate and allow it to cool fry the curry leaves by adding 1tsp. oil till a mixer grinder add all the roasted items and grind it coaresly by adding hing powder + salt ...then add the curry leaves also and dry grind altogether into fine powder ...
                Curry leaves powder is ready can store it in a airtight container and use it whenever needed...Take 2tsp. of curry leaves powder and mix it with hot rice and a spoon of gingely oil (preferred ) or ghee and have it hot ...

                  Nov 12, 2010

                  Badusha - Marking our 2nd Anniversary !!!

                  Hi All,
                  I've set back a while from blogging due to family and office calls. Itz been Gayathri who has kept this going on inspite of my absence. Thanks to her first for being such a sweetheart. Next thanks to all you guys out there for making this happen. Yes, we are marking our 2nd blog anniversary. What is the item of celebs...Itz BADUSHA !!! honestly, this is one of my Diwali recipes. I had to steal it and make it my Anniversary recipe...Watz to lose as long as the recipe is registered ;)

                  Also as part of this anniversary I make a pledge of getting in shape this year (which means before our next blog anniversary). I would be penning in, hopefully, more of diet recipes, cos that is wat I am planning to cook for the next few months :) Hope you would enjoy and support it as much as you have been till date. Special thanks once again to my gud pal Gaays, who keep me going :)

                  Now for the recipe. This recipe was from my Chithi, who is known for her sweets...

                  Badusha in Making :D
                  Yogurt (make sure it is not sour) + sugar (1 tbsp) --> Stir this well till it gets nicely blend
                  Maida (All purpose flour) - 1 cup
                  Knead the above to make a nice dough (actually it should be a lil softer than the chapathi dough)

                  Close the dough and keep it for 15 mins. You can add a lil baking soda to it. But that it purely optional. After 15 mins make a ball and then press it with your hand to make it a lil flat. Don't forget to put in the small press to the center of the flat balls (that is what gives you the Badusha feel :) ). Fry this in oil and keep aside.

                  Sugar Syrup:
                  Same as any syrup preparation. Take 3/4 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water. Heat both and switch off the flame when it reaches the single thread consistency. Dip the fried badushas in this syrup for 5 mins. Yummmyyyy badushas are ready to eat !!!

                  Oct 19, 2010

                  Nellikkai / Gooseberry Pickle

                  Ingredients needed :
                  • Gooseberry / Nellikkai - 15 to 20
                  • Salt
                  • Turmeric powder
                  • Chili Powder
                  • Methi seeds Powder
                  • Hing powder
                  • Mustard seeds
                  • Urid dhal
                  • Gingely oil
                  Method : 

                  Cut gooseberry into small pieces and keep it aside ..Heat a kadai and add the methi seeds and fry for few mins and dry grind it and keep the powder ready 

                  In the same kadai add oil and temper it with mustard seeds + urid dhal and once done add the chopped gooseberry and add salt + turmeric powder + chilli powder + hing powder and mix it well then add the methi powder along to that and mix it well and cook it for few mins. till the gooseberry becomes tender ...make sure you don't over cook it ...Gooseberry pickle is ready .

                  Sending this along with few other entries to event CMT- Complete My Thali - Pickle , hosted by Nivedita started by Jagruti.

                  1. Mango Thokku
                  2. Lime Pickle
                  3. Mango pickle
                  4. Sweet Mango pickle

                  Oct 15, 2010

                  Punjabi Kadi Pakoras - Icc

                  The recipe chosen for this month challenge in Indian cooking challenge by Srivalli is Punjabi Kadi Pakoras. Thanks a lot Simran for sharing the recipe with us .
                  Ingredients needed :
                  For Pakoras :
                  • Beasan flour - 1 cup
                  • Onion - 1
                  • Red chilli powder - 1/2 tsp.
                  • salt to taste
                  • water
                  • Oil for frying
                  For Kadi :
                  • Curd - 1 cup
                  • Besan flour - 1/3 cup
                  • Water - 4 cups
                  • Onion - 1
                  • Mustard seeds
                  • Ajwain seeds / omam
                  • Methi seeds
                  • Turmeric powder
                  • Salt to taste
                  • Red chilli powder
                  • Garam Masala
                  • Amchur powder
                  • Coriander leaves

                  Method :

                  For Pakoras : 

                  Roughly chop onions and keep it ready .In a bowl add besan flour + salt + redchilli powder and mix it well and add water to make it like a batter ...In a kadai add oil for deep frying and when it is hot ...add the onions to the batter and slowly add it to the hot oil and deep fry it till done ...Drain it and keep it aside ...
                    For Kadi : 

                    In a bowl add beasn flour + yogurt + water and make it in a thin paste .. Chop onions and keep it ready ...Heat a tsp of oil and temper it with mustard seeds + cumin seeds +ajwain + methi and once it is done add the onions + salt +red chilli powder and fry well bring the stove to sim , and add the yogurt + besan batter and add turmeric powder and allow it to boil well , keep stirring it often and when it gets thick consistency add the garam masala powder + amchur powder and garnish it with coriander leaves ...when about to serve add the pakoras and have it with hot rice or roti.

                      Oct 5, 2010

                      Tomato Ginger Chutney II

                      Ingredients needed :
                      • Small Onions - 10
                      • Ginger - little
                      • Tomato - 1
                      • Dried Red chilli - 3 or 4
                      • Urid dhal - little
                      • Channa dhal - little
                      • Dhaniya / Coriander seeds - little
                      • Mustard seeds - little
                      • Curry leaves - little
                      • Hing powder - little
                      • Turmeric powder - little
                      • Salt - to taste
                      • Oil - 2 tsp.

                      Method : 

                      In a kadai add little oil and fry the onions first and set aside ...then fry little urid dhal + channa dhal + dhaniya + red chillies + roughly chopped tomatoes till done and set aside ...just fry the ginger for few mins ...allow everything to cool well , then grind it into fine paste ..
                      Now in the kadai add oil , once it gets hot temper it with mustard seeds + little urid dhal + curry leaves + hing powder and then add the grinded paste + salt + turmeric powder and fry for few mins ...
                        Spicy Tomato Ginger chutney is ready goes excellent with Dosas..

                        Sending this to the event , "Complete My Thali (CMT) - Chutney " hosted by Jagruti along with few other entries ...

                        Logo :

                        Sep 23, 2010

                        Cashew - Besan Burfi

                        Ingredients needed :
                        • Sugar - 2 cup
                        • Gram flour - 1 cup
                        • Cashew powder - 1 1/2 cups
                        • Ghee - 3/4 cup
                        • Elachi powdered - 1 tsp.
                        Method :

                        Heat a kadai ...once it is hot ..switch off the flame and add the cashews and fry it for few seconds ...just to make the cashews become bit crispy we are doing this ...then grind it in mixie , using the Whipper button...just few times will do till it is powdered and set aside ....In a kadai add ghee , once it melts add the besan flour and stir it in medium heat ....till u get nice aroma ....then take it out off the flame and allow it to cool well...meanwhile , in a seperate kadai add sugar and add little water and allow it to dissolve and boil well ....To the besan + ghee mixture add the powdered cashews and mix it well ... by now the sugar should have been dissolved well , and u will be getting a syrup of string consistency ...
                        add the sugar syrup to the besan +ghee+cashew mix and stir it well ...till it combines well ...then remove from fire and keep stirring well this stage add elachi powder and keep stirring continuously ....till it becomes like a dough consistency ....once done , grease a plate with little ghee and place this dough and spread it evenly ....then u can make pieces ....
                          Cashew - besan burfi is ready ....

                          got this recipe in a TV program ...u can check this video. Sending this to event Sugar High friday #69 : Bite size dessert , hosted by Aparna , started by Jennifer 

                          along with this sending few more entries :
                          1. Kaju Katli
                          2. Badam - Cashew Cake
                          3. Panasa Thonalu
                          4. Chapathi Cake
                          5. Chapathi Ladoo

                          Sep 20, 2010

                          Sundakkai Vatha Kuzhambu

                          Got this recipe from Jay's blog ...the recipe was too good and we all enjoyed a lot ...Thanks Jay for the recipe make this kuzhambu , we need the raw sundakkai / Turkey berry ..

                          Ingredients needed :
                          • Sundakkai - 1 cup
                          • Small onions - 10 -15
                          • Garlic pods - 5 - 6
                          • Tamarind extract - 2 cups
                          • Chilli powder
                          • Dhaniya powder
                          • Jeera powder
                          • Mustard seeds
                          • Urid dhal
                          • Fenugreek seeds
                          • Hing powder
                          • Curry leaves
                          • Coriander leaves
                          • Salt to taste
                          • Oil (preferred Gingley oil )
                          Method :

                          Wash and cut sundakkai into halves ...Soak Tamarind and extract the juice and keep it aside... Peel the garlic and small onions skin ..In a kadai add little oil and temper it with mustard seeds + urid dhal + hing + fenugreek seeds + curry leaves . Once done add garlic , small onions , sundakkai one by one and fry well it add salt + jeera powder + dhaniya powder + chilli powder and fry well , then add the tamarind extract and allow it to boil well till the sundaikkai is cooked well and the kuzhambu gets thicker ...once done switch off the flame and garish with coriander leaves ....yummy , tasty and healthy sundakkai kuzhambu is ready ...Have it with hot rice + gingley oil ...

                          Sep 16, 2010

                          Manoharam - Icc

                          The recipe chosen for this month challenge in Indian cooking challenge by Srivalli is Manoharam. This is one of my favourite snack and my grandmother is an expert in making this and she does it especially for me always ...she passed away on 6th of this month ...I miss her a lot . This is the first time I am trying to make this and it came out so well ...Thanks a lot Latha madam for sharing the recipe with us.

                          Ingredients Needed :
                          • Raw Rice - 2 cups
                          • Moong Dhal - 1 cup
                          • Jaggery - 1 1/2 cup
                          • Salt - little
                          • Ghee - 2 tbsp.
                          • Oil - for deep frying
                          You need Murukku press with 3 holes disc fitted in it .

                          Method :

                          Wash and Soak the rice for 15- 30 mins , then drain and spread it over a cloth for 30 mins. Grind the dhal and rice into fine powder seperately and seive it well ...In a bowl add both the flour and add salt + ghee and mix it well then add little water and mix it well to form as a dough . Heat oil for deep frying in a kadai and take this dough in a murukku press and press it directly in hot oil and cook it till done ...

                          Once the murukku is cool , break it into tiny bits and keep it powder the jaggery and take 1 1/2 cup cup of jaggery and in a kadai add this jaggery and add little water and allow it to dissolve well ...and cook it to make a paagu ...The paagu consistency can be checked by adding few drops of it in a small cup filled with water ...if u take it out , it should be able to roll like a ball in this stage mix the murukku with the jaggery syrup and when it is warmth , grease ur hand with ghee and take a small portion of this and press it tightly in a round shape ...and place it seperately in a plate inorder to avoid sticking each other ....
                          the previous step needs some assistance , the jaggery syrup coated murukku shouldn't get cooled ...if your making it alone make it in small portions ...if not even if it cooled don't worry the tiny bit of murukku coated in jaggery syrup will also taste the same for taste enhancement , you can also add little bit of elachi powder if preferred ...
                            Once again Thanks a lot Latha madam and Srivalli for sharing this recipe with us

                            Sep 15, 2010

                            Back to blog work

                            We are back from holidays and happy to meet Kavitha . We all had a good break and enjoyed our vacation to the core back to our routine.
                            We are very happy to share the news that , we won the second place in EFM - Sweets and savory for Diwali series event , hosted by Srilekha and this is the award we have received ...
                            Thanks a lot Srilekha , a great encouragement for us to start again with our blog work after a long break ...Thanks a lot friends for all your support and encouragement given to us ... Will keep updating the blog in regular basis my level best .

                            Aug 17, 2010

                            Apple Halwa ~~ 400th Post

                            We have achieved yet another milestone ...Oh yes , this is our 400th post ..and very happy to share and enjoy with you all friends... Without you people , we wouldn't have got the encouragement to learn , cook and enjoy all the new and variety recipes ...Thanks a lot friends and keep encouraging us the same way ... As already been informed by kavitha , I am taking a break from blog work ...2 reasons being , My system is not working fine and yes
                            I AM GOING ON A VACATION TO USA for 2 weeks , to Meet  KAVITHA and to my Sister- in-law's place ...will be back on september 7th . Very eagerly waiting to meet kavitha .

                            Ps : well , this recipe is specially posted for Kavitha ...Halwa kodukarathu na idu thana??? hmm I should have waited for some time , before sending her that mail , which she has posted ... yenna total damage panitta ...grrrrr ...
                            well after a long gap I am able to access blogs ... Not sure how long I can access it ...
                            Till then take care and will catch up soon with all your recipes soon ...
                            Coming to the recipe ....sharing with u all this Apple Halwa , hope u all likes it ...

                            Ingredients needed :
                            • Apple - 2 or 3
                            • Ghee
                            • Cashews & Badam - 20 nos.
                            • Elachi Powder
                            • Sugar - 2 cups

                            Method : 

                            Grind the cashews into coarse powder and keep it ready ...Peel the skin off and cut the apples into pieces ...and grind it in mixie into fine paste , if needed add little milk and grind it ...In a kadai add the apple paste and sugar and little water or milk and allow the sugar to dissolve and cook well add the required ghee and keep stirring it well ....till the mixture gets into thick consistency at the final stage add the cashew and badam powder + Elachi powder and cook for few more mins till it is done ...
                              Apple Halwa is ready ...My son enjoyed this halwa with bread (like a jam ) ... I felt that this will be best for kids , instead of giving them Jams...

                              Once again Thanks a lot friends...Meet you all soon ....

                              Aug 16, 2010

                              Gayathri on LEAVE ;)

                              Chkout the mail from Gaays....Well Gaays, ur LEAVE IS GRANTED !!! ;)
                              Hi ,
                              Teacher teacher , as my computer is suffering from Virus ...for past 15 -20 days I was not able to use it properly ...and from last friday it stopped working totally ...As of now managing with my hsuband office laptop....and I am not having any photos for recipes in this computer unable to post it in blog also ...
                              and I am coming to US to meet u all kindly grant me leave for, previous 15 days land next 20 days leave....and can u post about this in recp. blog teacher??

                              and also can you inform that as we have to reformat windows vista - the recp. photos may not be displayed for few days ....once i come back from trip ie., sept.7th will get back to blogging work and will get my system repaired by that time will update all the missing photos if any ...
                              Thanking you .

                              Jul 30, 2010

                              Reposting for an Event .

                              Kaju Katli

                              Ingredients needed :
                              • Cashews - 1 cup
                              • Sugar - 3/4 cup
                              • Ghee - 1 tbsp.
                              • Water - 1/4 cup
                              • Elachi powder - little (opt.)
                              Method : 

                              Heat a kadai and fry the cashews slightly and powder it ....(Use the whipper / pulser button ..) in the same kadai add sugar and 1/4 cup of water and allow it to boil well , to make the sugar syrup ...

                              The right consistency can be checked by : take a spoon of sugar syrup and drop it in a cup of little water ... , if the syrup is able to be rolled like a small ball ...then it is the right consistency this point switch off the stove ..

                              to the sugar syrup now add the cashew powder + elachi powder (opt.) and keep mixing it well to form nice thick dough .... then transfer it to a ghee greased plate and spread it out evenly ...once it is cooled , cut it into desired shape ....
                                Kaju Katli is ready ....

                                Note :

                                If u feel the cashew powder is bit less to form thick dough , once add to the sugar syrup ..u can add little more ...or if the cashew + sugar syrup mixture is not forming a dough ...then sprinkle little water , it helps to bind easily ....
                                  Got this recipe from here. Twice I have tried this came out perfect but had to opt for both the points, I have given in Note, taste was excellent ...we all loved it.

                                  Jul 27, 2010

                                  Raagi Koolu

                                  • Raagi flour - 1 cup
                                  • Raw Rice - 1 cup
                                  • Water - as req
                                  • salt - as req


                                  To 1 cup raagi maavu (flour) add water such that you get a dosa batter consistency. Make sure that there is no lumps in the raagi batter. Do this overnight and then the next day evening it should be ready to make koolu.

                                  Next day evening, cook raw rice (1 cup) with almost half of pressure cooker filled with water. Even if there is excess water there is no issue. Just make sure that you do not add less water. Once the rice is well cooked (kinda mashed consistency), on a low flame, add the raagi batter to the rice and keep stiring well. To check if the koolu is ready, soak your palm in water and just touch the koolu with ur palm. It should not stick. Then add req amount of salt to this. Healthy and easy Raagi Koolu is ready. This is very good at summer and is excellent with pickle and mango.

                                  Note: Will add the pic soon to the post.....

                                  Jul 15, 2010

                                  Kara Sev ~ Icc

                                  Kara sev, is the recipe chosen for this month challenge in Indian Cooking Challenge by Srivalli . Thanks a lot Srivalli for chosing this recp. Loved making it and we all enjoyed it ...It came out so well ...I did not have the special ladle used for making this and not in murukku press ...I have only for omapodi , mullu murukku had used the method of rolling the dough inbetween both the palms....believe me this was very easy in making it and it came out so well.....

                                  Ingredients used :
                                  • Gram flour - 2 1/2 cups
                                  • Rice flour - 1 cup
                                  • Chilli powder - 1/4 tsp
                                  • Ghee - 2 tsp.
                                  • Pepper coarsely powdered - 1/4 tsp.
                                  • Crushed garlic - (optional) - 2 pods
                                  • Oil to deep fry .
                                  • Salt

                                  Method :

                                  Seive gram flour and rice flour seperately in a bowl ... then add reqd. amount of salt + chilli powder + ghee + pepper powder and mix it well ...then add little by little water and mix it well and make dough ... heat oil in a kadai , by then grease little oil in a plate ...and take a small pinch of dough and rub it in between both of your palms and keep it seperated in the plate ...once the oil is hot , drop in one by one of the karasev ...If using the karasev ladle , then rub the dough through the holes , directly in hot oil ...and deep fry it till done and once cooled transfer it to airtight box.

                                  Jul 7, 2010

                                  Cabbage Kofta curry - II

                                  Ingredients needed :
                                  • Cabbage
                                  • Channa dhal - 1 cup
                                  • Gram flour - 2 tsp.
                                  • Onions - 2
                                  • Tomato - 2
                                  • Jeera - 1/4 tsp.
                                  • Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp.
                                  • Dhaniya Powder - 1/4 tsp.
                                  • Chilli powder - 1/2 tsp.
                                  • Salt
                                  • Oil

                                  Method :

                                  Soak Channa dhall for 3-4 hours and cook it in a saucepan by adding little water, see to it is not over cooked...Clean and chop cabbage , Onions and Tomatoes finely ... In a kadai add little water + salt cook cabbage till done ...then strain the water if excess any ...In a bowl add cooked channa dhall + cabbage + gramflour , bind them together and make like a small size balls ...and keep it ready a kadai add little oil + jeera + onions + req. salt and fry well then add tomatoes + turmeric powder + dhaniya powder + chilli powder + little water and allow it to cook well ...meanwhile , either u can deep fry the koftas or in a paniyaram pan fry these koftas well and keep it ready . once the onion - tomato gravy is ready , if needed u can also add chopped corriander leaves ...and few mins before serving add these koftas to the gravy and mix it gently so that koftas don't get breaked ...
                                    Goes excellent with chapathis. Saw this here . I have tried the other method , ... but I liked this one and it is a healthy version too..

                                    Jul 2, 2010

                                    Pomegranate Icecream

                                    Ingredients needed :
                                    • Pomegranate - 1
                                    • Ripe Banana - 1
                                    • Pear - 1
                                    • Sugar - little
                                    • Milk - little
                                    Method : 

                                    Remove the seeds from pomegrante and keep it ready . Roughly cut banana and pear big pieces .In a blender add the pomegrante seeds + ripe banana + pear and blend it smoothly ...finally add sugar + milk little and blend it again ..
                                    transfer the juice in a freezer container and freeze it for few hours , 

                                    once it sets well , remove and blend it again ....and refreeze it for few more hours ....repeat the above step for 3 or 4 times ...untill you get frothy texture ....and finally transfer it to the serving bowl and keep it in fridge if u want it like a smoothie or freeze it for a ice cream ...
                                      I am sure Kids will love it ...My son loved this a lot ...

                                      Jun 15, 2010

                                      Kesari Method II

                                      Have tried making often the regular kesari ... once one of my friend told me to do slight variation to that ...instead of adding kesari colour add grated carrot and it will give u good colour ....wanted to try that ...and there came Srivalli's event : Colouring your kids delight .
                                      My son loved this a lot and he enjoyed it well... I am sure kids will love it and this method I feel it is quite healthy too...sending this to srivalli's event.

                                      Ingredients Needed :
                                      • Rawa - 1 cup
                                      • Carrot - 2
                                      • Sugar - 1 cup
                                      • Milk - 2 cups
                                      • Ghee - 2 tsp.
                                      • Cashew nuts or Badam - 5
                                      • Raisins - 10
                                      • Elachi powder - 1/ 2 tsp.

                                      Peel the skin of carrots and grate it and keep it ready. In a kadai add 1/4 tsp. ghee and fry the rawa, and set aside. In the same kadai, add 1/2 tsp. ghee and fry cashew nuts or badam and raisins separately and keep it aside.Add ghee and add the grated carrots and fry for few mins then add roasted rawa + milk + sugar and allow it to cook well ...keep stirring it often ..and make sure no lumps are formed ...once the rawa is cooked u can switch off the gas add elachi powder, fried cashew nuts and raisins and mix well .
                                        No need to cook the carrots well ...the crunchiness of the carrots also tastes good.

                                        Jun 7, 2010

                                        Onion - Mini Samosa

                                        Ingredients needed :
                                        • Maida flour - 1 cup
                                        • Wheat (chapathi ) flour - 1 cup
                                        • Onion - 1
                                        • Poha - 1 handful
                                        • Salt
                                        • Chilli powder
                                        • Turmeric powder
                                        • Garam masala powder
                                        • lemon juice - little
                                        • Oil
                                        Method : 

                                        In a bowl mix wheat flour + maida + salt and mix well and add water, little by little and knead the dough well and set aside for 10- 15 mins. in meantime ...chop onions finely and add a handful of poha + chilli powder + turmeric powder + garam masala powder + lemon juice and mix it well and keep it aside.
                                        after 15 mins of resting time , take little dough and roll it like chapathi ...
                                        heat the tawa and fry this chapahti's for few seconds on both the sides and
                                        cut the chapathi like samosa sheets and keep it ready a small cup take little maida and mix it with water and make it like a paste fold the samosa sheets in triangle shapes and fill it with the onion fillings and seal the ends with the maida paste a kadai add oil for deep frying , once the oil gets medium hot fry these samosas till it is done ....Hot hot mini - onion samosas are ready ...
                                          Saw this recipe also in Vahchef's video ...

                                          Note :
                                          adding poha absorbs all the water from the onions in the original recipe , it says that we need to deep fry it twice that onions also get cooked well ....I did not do so onions were little raw only ....but the taste was so good ...u can try both the ways ....

                                            Jun 2, 2010

                                            Plantain Kofta curry

                                            Ingredients needed :

                                            • Raw Plantain - 1
                                            • Carrot - 1
                                            • Shredded Cabbage - 1 cup
                                            • Onion - 1
                                            • Spring onions - little
                                            • Chilli powder - 1/4 tsp.
                                            • Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp.
                                            • Garam masala - 1/4 tsp.
                                            • Jeera powder -1/4 tsp.
                                            • Salt - little
                                            • Oil - little
                                            • Corriander leaves - little
                                            Method :

                                            Peel the skin of carrot and grate it well ...shredd the cabbage also finely ...chop the onions finely and keep it ready a vessel add water and boil the plantain well ...and allow it to cool well and peel the skin and grate it well ... side by side.
                                            In a kadai add 2 tsp. of oil and fry the 1 /2 onions well ...u can also add the white part of spring onions too and then add the grated carrot + shredded cabbage + grated plantain + salt + turmeric powder + garam masala powder + chilli powder + jeera powder and fry them well ....
                                            once done ...take small amount of curry and make it into a round shape ...
                                            and in a paniyaram pan fry these koftas by adding little oil ...or you can also bake these in the kadai add little oil and fry the onions add chopped green part of spring onions + corriander leaves + little soya sauce + lime juice or pinch of salt and add these plantain - veg. koftas and mix it gently ...serve hot as a starter or as a sidedish ...
                                              Saw this recipe here .

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