Jul 13, 2009

Mutton Chops


Marinate mutton pieces in 2 tsp gg paste + 1/2 tsp chilli pdr + lil pepper pdr + 2 tbsp yogurt + salt + 1 tbsp vinegar + a pinch of sugar + 1 tbsp corriander pdr + lil lime juice + finely chopped coriander leaves + 2 tsps maida (all purpose flour) for minimum half an hour.

Fry this in oil along with the masala. Your mutton chops is ready...Isn't is easy as a breeze...it was yummy too...


  1. Mmm this is very easy..! I make it differently, do check my blog. My favourite!!

  2. wow, delicious mutton chops! bookmarked it!

  3. Hey Kavitha , Surprise... Not sure if you remember me though... I am from SREC..Did hit your site when i was searching for MArinated mutton curry...
    I am Uthra from IT dept... Ur Pic made you look familiar.... By the way where are you located??

  4. Hey Uthra..Yep..I do remember you da..eppadi iruka? nice to catch u here...well, letz share the remaining thru mails dear...you can email me at mail4kavi@gmail.com da...I'm glad you recognized me :)

  5. nice mutton chop recipe.looks really delicious...u have many nice recipes...

    www.sharemyrecipe.blogspot.com is my blog
    drop by whenever u get time..
    Thanks in advance...


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