Jul 9, 2009

Krrish's first blog post :)

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  1. hahahaha...tis blog post is a surprise for me...my son, krrish who is juz 2 yrs old and already an addict to the laptop has posted this "recipe" :D I kept my blogger page open n was busy cooking...wen i came back, he surprised me with this blog post of his...make sure u all try out this recipe and lemme knw hw u liked it... ;)

  2. Congrats Krish ... follower of mom ... definitely will try or will come home immediately... intha athaikku vera enna special :)

  3. niraya special iruku padma...come fast soon dear !!! knw wat da...trust me or nt, it was he who published the post..he did it himself..gotto accept the fact that these days kids r more smarter....much smarter than v were in their age..

  4. Pathu kavitha , padma ...Ungallakku pottiya yen payan oru blog arambikka porran...
    Krrish paapa ...yennai yum sethukkodi thangame...

    Amma ev valiyo av vali payan...

    THE BEST RECIPE da thangam... unga maama kku ithu than nalaikku breakfast , lunch , dinner....

    intha chittikku innum naraya recp. anupudi....


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