Jul 13, 2009

Entries to Fried Snack Event !!!

Had to choose from so many of my fav dishes posted in my blog...EC, u sure made me go nuts choosing between my favs....Y shud u restrict the entries to three...hmm....nways, wishes to ur event and here comes my top favs :)
My entries to EC's WYF : Fried Snack Event

1. Masala Kara Pori:

2. Panasa Thonalu:

3. Samosa:


  1. Delicious snack, i love the second and third one more.. yummy dear!:)

  2. lovely snaks.. looks sooo yumm and delicious...

  3. All the three entries look so delicious..especially the panasa thonalu is on my to do list since long..thanks for participating

  4. Ist tme here,u have a nice and colorful blog..!


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