Jul 11, 2009

Brinjal Curry

  • Coconut - 1 inch
  • cumin seeds - 1 tsp
  • Dry red chillies - 2
  • oil - 1 tbsp
  • onion - 1/2 medium
  • Brinjal - 5 or 6 nos
  • salt - as req


Grind coconut + cumin seeds + dry red chillies adding very lil water. Don't make them into a fine paste. Let them stay a lil crunchy.
In hot oil, add onion and saute till they change color. Then add Brinjal sliced thin and long. Saute till they get well cooked. After the brinjal get well cooked, add the ground paste, lil water if req, salt and cook closed for couple of minutes. After 2 mins, open and cook for another 5 minutes till all the water evaporates from the curry.

Actually I prepared the dish using potato...Thou i've nt mentioned it in the recipe....It juz means u can play ur hands in this curry with potato or not...all upto u...also wanted to mention that the photo did not give full justice to the dish...so don't go by the picture...

Sending this to Sanghi's FIL Brinjal Event:

Also sending some more from my collections for the same:


  1. so many brinjal curries..wow, seems its your fav veggie :)

  2. Kavitha thangaludaya blogirku ithudhan mudhal thadavai ...loved ur header and all your recipes.. wow quite lot of brinjal items and nice entries to the event too.. keep going. Will be back often...

  3. First time here kavitha..loved ur blog name, header as well as all ur recipes.. wow quite lot of brinjal dishes and perfect entries to the event too..keep going will be back often...

  4. @ Parita: Yeah Parita, tatz our family fav veggie...hav heard tat brinjal cud be allregic to some people...n have always felt tat they miss so much of itz taste...

    @ Pavithra: First thanks so much for tat wonderful comments n tat too in tamil...gr8..sure...plz make frequent visits pavithra..

  5. Yummy yummy kavitha!! Lovely dishes thanks dear!


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