Jul 1, 2009

Entries to Dosa Corner Event !!!

Sending the below entries to Dosa Corner event hosted by Padma...

Event logo:

1. Banana Dosa

2. Carrot Uttapam

3. Mini Tomato Dosa

4. Ragi Dosa

5.Mysore Masala Dosa

6. Oats Dosa

7. Crispy Masala Dosa


  1. Thanks Kavi for sending these entries for our special Dosa Mela sorry sorry "Dosa Corner" event but where are those lovely dips that we all had and enjoyed together ;)

  2. hahaha...the dips have been kept back safe for sending to ur next event(Dips special) dear !!!

  3. Wow thats lovely collection of dosa recipes, i have never heard of banana dosa..so interesting!

  4. truly an array of dosa delights......delicious dosa's

  5. Wow, kavi.. array of dosas..! Yummy dear!


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