Jun 23, 2009

Homemade Veggie Pizza ~~ 300th Post & Happy Birthday Gayu !!!


Knw wat...there's something special abt tis post...if u hadn't noticed...hurraayyyyy...itz a milestone...yeah, we have reached the 300th post...n itz my best friend's birthday...Happy birthday Gayathri...May u b blessed always with the best dear and I pray that all ur dreams come true now and forever da...
Would love to celebrate tis with a special dish...but since I'm busy packing up things for moving to a new house this week, I cannot hit my kitchen with some experiments now...so I went into my list of dishes, which I have prepared already in the past, taken a picture but failed to post a recipe :( I knw, I'm a lazygoose...bt this has come in handy at a situtation like tis :) The list of dishes for which the recipes where pending were sure looooooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg....hmm...bt i had no second thought in picking up my fav...It was my "HOMEMADE PIZZA"....this pizza turned out so gud, tat hubby dear, who is not a huge fan of pizza's, also liked it...so how much did i like it??? I always find even a paper with pizza written over it yummy....sooo....guess wat...all i wud say is,..It was mouthwatering :) n never knew tat making pizza was so easy...Gayathri, this pizza is exclusively for ur bday da...grab it wen it is still hot ;) !!!

Coming to the recipe...It was not my own recipe...I went for a mixing here ;) yeah, browsed through two videos of pizza preparation, took portions of the best from both(according to me) and then made my pizza...Also find below a separate link for the pizza sauce recipe from vah chef Sanjay...I used this recipe for the sauce...You can always go for a store bought pizza sauce if u want to...I've tried both, bt loved the homemade version...Juz incase u guys prefer a clear written recipe than the videos, lemme knw,,,i will post it too...bt knw wat, i think the video will be more helpful in this case...

Links for videos on pizza preparation:

2. Vahchef Sanjay's video link for pizza base : http://www.vahrehvah.com/popvideo.php?recipe_id=289

3. Sanjay's video link for pizza sauce : http://www.vahrehvah.com/popvideo.php?recipe_id=2019

Please give a try and let me know how ur pizza turned out...

Last bt nt least, thanks a ton for all the support u all render...It u who keep me going...Happy cooking and blogging...a special thanks once again to my best pal Gays who fills my space so well wenever I take a break and contributes her best all the time...

Smiles :)
Kavitha Kishore


  1. Congrats dear ... Hey you said u r moving to a new home..better move to LONDON ... Me and my Son will be very happy ....only then we will get all these yummy recipe...

  2. Happy Birthday Gayathri... treat enge.... ingaya ...Londonlaya ...seekiram...pasikudhu ...atleast treat my Prithvi and Harsha..micham irundha enakku :)

  3. Congrats on 300th post and happy bday to gayathri!! pizza looks heavenly, thanks for sharing the links!

  4. Forgot to mention earlier... Congrats Kavi on ur 300th Post... keep rocking you both( Kavi and Gayu ;) and post many more 100's...

  5. Romba nalla irukku Kavitha. WIll try your recipe next time. Congrats on the milestone.and happy moving

  6. Kavitha Thanks dear ...Harsha pakkanum ... nee tholanja...

    You made my day so special by sharing this special pizza...thanks a lot..

    Padma , ungalakku illatha treata ...sure London vanga kandippa tharren... seperate special treat for kutties...till then enjoy this pizza...
    and Thanks for your wishes dear..

    Parita , Thanks for your wishes and comments...

  7. Congrats on reaching this amazing digit da.
    Convey my Birthday wishes to ur friend. I m sure she is so lucky to get u as friend.
    Pizza looks incredibly attractive. Lovely snap.

  8. Congrats....Loved the shape n size of pizza..

  9. Mmm Congrats Kavi for reaching 3 centuries.. That's amazing dear! Convey my wishes to Gayathri too!!Pizza looks tempting..!:)

  10. Congrats on reaching 300th post, also wishing happy birthday to ur best friend...pizza looks fabulous..

  11. Thanks for your wishes Viki .. No doubt in this ...Yes i am really lucky to have such a wonderful , friend...she is more than a friend to me... if i have to write about Kavitha ...i have a lot lot to write...

    Once again thanks a lot for all ur wishes...

  12. Thanks once again for all those lovely comments and encouragement....!!! You all made my day :)


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