Jun 8, 2009

Back to blogwork after a Break....

Hi Palz,

I know I've taken a break...But what is a friendship, if I did not take time to explain the reasons behind and wat i've been upto these days. Juz bcos the blogs were not updated from my end, it for sure does not mean, that I was enjoying my life away from my kitchen...I was doing my regular cooking. But what did change in these days of unusual routine. Thou my first week of the break was not intentional and the reason for it being my lil one falling sick often, the week that followed was purely intentional. Suddenly there was a spark which stopped me from sitting with my laptop. Something hit me hard that I was starting to become a lapto-holic, if tatz wat they name a person who sits 24/7 with her laptop. I wanted to refresh both my mind, and body. Having made the decision, wat do u think I was upto. I started off with a Novel. Itz been years since I sat down with a Novel, a hobby which has been my fav during my school and college days. I read the novel like crazy. Everywhere I went the book went with me. Yeah, it was like I met up with some old friend of mine and never wanted to be parted again. Finally when I was over with my obsession for books, I focussed on some meditation and also made sure tat I sticked on to a workout routine. Now the fuel for both mind and body was accomplished. These two things really did boost me up to the next level. Ours is a travel loving family. Anyday, anytime, we are ready to pack our bags for a vacation. So the Memorial Day Hols paved way for a vacation to Las vegas and Grand Canyon. It always fun to go out with family, one special reason being ur away from ur routine household chores ;) ok, if u were really expecting something senti n romantic here, then my apologies...here goes the unsaid truth, the special reason was spending every sec with my darl  hubby....One full week of vacation, dawn to dusk, it was fun...fun...n only FUN...n wat did v bring back from this fun filled trip...TIREDNESS, FEVER and COLD :( yeah, the next week was awful...but I tried to cling on with my new turnovers...With all the days that passed by, one thing remained unchanged...my passion for my laptop :) hahahaha....i sure did some sneek performances to check my mails and blog comments... So finally here I am, almost back to job, but with a slight change to my schedule....I've planned to spend more time with my family, then my books and then for myself...Only then comes my laptop...Itz not that my passion for cooking and blogs have faded...Itz juz tat I'm trying to fit other things in my day for the benefit of me n my family :)

Also, I cannot end the note without rendering thanks to all those concerned mails u guys have sent across. I missed u all too....Happy to catch ya'll back...

Happy cooking n blogging :)

Smiles :)


  1. Hi Kavi.. U also took a break, even me, i'm back after nearly a month dear..! Nice to see you again.. Nice decision.. Expecting ur lovely posts..!:)

  2. Yeah...it was a surprise to knw tat v took a break at the same time..so "great people think alike" sure is true ;) itz nice to catch up with u again too dear...eagerly waiting to catch up with ur delicious posts too da..


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