Apr 27, 2012

Red Cow peas Salad / Raita

Simple yet healthy salad / raitha ..I am sure kids will also love it ..I had some cooked red lobiya so used it .

Ingredients needed :
  • Vegetables:Onions +carrot +cabbage +cucumber 
  • Fruits : Apple + seedless black or green grapes 
  • Red Cow peas / Lobiya / Karamani - 1 cup 
  • Low fat yogurt / curd - 2 cup 
  • Lemon juice + salt + chat masala(opt.) + pepper powder 
Method : 

Soak red cowpeas  overnight  and pressure cook it with little salt ..once done drain the water and take the cooked peas and set aside ...you can use the water while preparing gravies or can make chapathi dough with this water ...

In a small bowl mix curd + salt + lemon juice + pepper powder + chat masala powder and mix it well. Clean and chop onions,cabbage,cucumber,apple finely ...peel carrot skin and grate it ..cut grapes in to half . Take a bowl and add the chopped veggies and fruits + cooked red cow peas + curd mixture and mix it well and enjoy your raita / salad

Sending this to Shama's event an event started by Priya


  1. delicious salad dear...thank u for the lovely salad

  2. I like the way you have mixed fruits and veggies in the salad, very delicious..

  3. Nutritious and definitely very interesting raita..love it.

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  5. nutritious and delicious salad dear


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