Apr 24, 2012

Royal icing

This recipe along with photos was shared by Lavanya.
  • 2 large eggs (egg white only)
  • 2 tsp lemon juice.

For flooding consistency, (carrot pic)
  • 3 cups of confectioner sugar.

Now to you beater/ processor, at low speed beat the egg white add the sugar in batches. The right consistency for flooding when we drop it from a spoon, the batter should flow in thick batches (something similar to string consistency in jaggery).

For pipping consistency icing add more sugar until it has a consistency similar to that of mayonnaise.  (rabbit pic) In more appropriate terms,

  • 1 large egg (egg white only)
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • about 2 cups of confectioner sugar.

remember not to keep the frosting open. This forms a solid layer on the top of the icing. Always cover with usual plastic food wrapper. Else we have the scrap out the solid layer first before using the frosting.  Also, when you pipping, make sure you always place it on a damp cloth/paper. I used my coffee cup. Covered the bottom of the cup with damp paper towel and when ever I had to keep my pipping down, i placed in into the cup containing the damp towel. This prevented the icing from forming a thick solid layer.

Though the process is little time taking, the output is always enjoyable. Specially for the kids, I bet they will for sure love the icing on their sugar cookies and cakes


  1. Super tempting recipe, royal icing looks fabulous.

  2. Wonderful post, the icing looks superb..

  3. The icing looks perfect. Bookmarked..!


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