Apr 24, 2012

I am Tagged by Shama

Thanks Shama for the tag , Hope I have answered all the questions to some extent ...


1. Post the rules.
2. Answer the questions set for you in the tagger's post and create new set of eleven questions .
3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
4. Let them know you have tagged them

before reading my answers ...I would love to ask few questions and tag some of my friends in this :
  1. Introduce yourself
  2. What's your favorite hobby or how do you love to enjoy your time ??
  3. Which is the place / tourist spot you want to go ??
  4. When it comes to blogging , how supportive are your family members ??
  5. What is your fav. food
  6. What inspired you to create a blog ?
  7. How do u feel while u get a award /Tags from other blogger friends ??
  8. Talk about food photography..do you judge a recipe by the photo posted  by the bloggers ?? and when searching for a recipe in search engine say Google, do u look for just recipe or look by images ??
  9. Have you tried any recipes from other blogger ?? what's the result ??
  10. How happy you will be in getting a comment for your recipe ...??
  11. How about taking parts in events hosted by other bloggers ??

Hope you all love to answer these question ...so here u go friends, accept the tag and post it in your blog :

Padma , Jay , Maha , Aarthi, Kannan , Vimitha, Hema , Sangeetha , Jeyashri , Priya , Hari chandana .

Now to my replies :

1) Introduce yourself :

 I am Gayathri , right now staying in Uk. I have a son , Harshavardhan, 8 years old and studying in 3rd standard . My home town is chennai, vera yeduvum uripidiya illai yenna pathi solla ...so to next question..

2) What is your most memorable gift?

There are many gifts , including the recent gift from kavitha kishore - Apple ipad.

3) Share your favourite travel experience :

There are many places which I enjoyed well ...the best being trip to US
to meet Kavitha ...we both r eagerly waiting to meet again ...hope our wish comes true soon...

4) How do you feel when things go wrong ?

Will feel very bad ...keep talking about the same again and again
(rombo pozhambuven...)and then will try to change myself and make sure I don't do the mistake again ...

5) What is your postive and negative attitude about blogging?

I have only positive attitude about blogging ...learnt a lot , got many good friends .

6) Your most favourite cook , recipe?

Ofcourse my mom. Can't say just one recipe each and every recipe I love it ...

7) Share your first cooking experience and first cooked food.

I tried making sambhar ...added too much sambhar powder and it became too spicy ...in the inital days I was not that good cook ..my chapathi's will turn out toooo crsipy just like chips ...after I went to blr. my husbands grandmother was staying with us ...I learnt to cook from her ..

8) What is your hubby's first comment on your first cooked food ?

Yaarukku nyabagam irrukku ??? maybe : nalla irrukku ...sathiyama marandu pochu  ..

9) Share your views to be a happy home maker.

I am still searching for a answer ...

10) What inspired you to create a blog and mention about your blog ?

I did not create this blog ...this is created by Kavitha, I just share my recipes here ...

11) What is the impact of blogging in your life ?

As I said earlier learnt lot of new recipes and will try it and will enjoy the new recipe .


  1. loved enjoyed your answers.....so casual...felt like u were sitting near me and answering....

  2. Thanks for tagging me dear, and nice to know a little about you..

  3. Thanks for tagging me. enjoying reading your Q-A

  4. Nice answers Gayathri. Just like Shama said, felt like talking directly.
    Thanks for tagging me... will post it soon :)


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