Mar 9, 2010

Any Guess ???

Hi all ,
Can you guess what fruit / vegetable is this ?? please do leave a comment ...will tell you all tomm. what it is ...looks like you all know this early ...First time I saw this raw dates in a shop it was so sweet ...when we visited Egypt ...there we had dates fruit , which was brown in colour ...this raw dates is also too good .... only problem is it is bit costly ...what to do ??? hmmm.


  1. I think that is dates.

  2. Kishore n I go with raw dates or small tender coconuts ;) ....correct ta?

  3. Raw dates for sure

  4. First Thanks a lot for giving comments ...My husband was kidding me ...that see no one will give comment for this ...instead they will make fun with u ...

    ippo nalla nosecut avarukku ....
    U c , first time i saw it wanted to share it with all ....he kept quiet and went ...

    @kavitha , naanum onna matiri than ninaichen ...tender coconut nu...but it is raw dates ...


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