Mar 24, 2010

Heart-Filled Apologies !!!!

Hi All,
I've started with my office stuff again this month after a 3 year break and trying hard to fit into my new schedule. Having stated why I have been staying away from my dearmost blog, I have my own reasons for this appearance from nowhere. Right now I am in office and drafting this blog cos I don't think I can go ahead with my work, as a matter of fact, with anything before penning these lines. The bad part is, this appearance of mine is not to give out a good news. Well, it is something about a mistake which has happened here at the blog without our knowledge (both Gayathri and Me). If you have been following us for a pretty long time you would have known that we have always been glad to share some of our friends recipes too when they show us an interest towards cooking. We have always made sure that the recipes and the pics were owned by them. Even if they had got the recipe thru some source, we have always requested to send the recipe across in their own words and NOT TO COPY from elsewhere. But then, that was all we could do. Right!!! Anything beyond that was not in our control and all we had was TRUST!!! Things have gone wrong somewhere inspite of all these efforts. Thou I don't want to pinpoint who did wat..There had been some couple of recipes(I'm glad it was juz a few) which was published mentioning a wrong ownership :( They have been removed now. Both Gayathri and myself whole-heartedly apologize for this mistake. Thou it was out of our control, we truly take the ownership for this mistake. We will make sure that we are more careful next time. Hope my fellow blogmates will understand us during this tough time of ours. We need your support guys ALWAYS!!! Today is not my best day :( Sorry once again....To all Concerned !!!


  1. Its happens, dont worry about..just leave aside and pls do enjoy ur passion for foods...

  2. Thanks a lot priya for ur kind words to us . it means a lot to us ...

  3. Dont worry Kavitha. And good luck with your job!!


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