Feb 12, 2011

Vegetable Cutlet

Ingredients needed : 
  • Potato - 2 
  • Onion - 1
  • Beetroot - 1/4
  • Chillipowder 
  • Salt
  • Oil
  • Bread crumbs


Method :

Pressure cook potatoes and mash it well ...Peel the skin of beetroot and grate it and keep it aside ...Chop the onions finely and in a bowl add little salt + chilli powder + mashed potato + grated beetroot and mix it well ...
take some potato mix and make it like a patties and roll it in bred crumbs and then set aside ...heat the tawa , and fry these cutlets on both sides by adding little oil and serve it hot ...
    these colourful cutlets will surely attract the kids ....and u may also shape it in small ball size and make it as koftas and insert a piece of soup sticks and serve it as lollypop ...they will surely enjoy it ...for my son , I just inserted soup sticks in the cutlets and gave him he enjoyed it a lot ...

    do check out our fellow bloggers recipes , who are taking part in the blogging marathon ....


    1. these cutlets are the preferred snack at home!

    2. thats a fun idea of the soup stick!...looks good and yum! surely a treat for the kids

    3. very healthy and innovative cutlets.love the stick idea

    4. My son would these ruby red cutlets. Will try soon. Thanks for sharing.

    5. My all time favourit,excellent...

    6. Very colourful and nutritious cutlets..

    7. Prefect for tea time & love the lollipop cutlet

    8. A sure way to include vegetables

    9. Very easy and healthy snacks

    10. I like the way you've inserted bread sticks into it and shaped it like lollipops.

    11. Adding beetroot gives it a nice color!

    12. The cutlet looks great...
      Beetroot addition makes it look so good
      Best Wishes

    13. I make cutlets often at home beetroot seems like a very interesting addition will try it next time

    14. Hi! Thank you for the recipe, I tried this and it was great. Had to make a few changes though, used carrots instead of beet, but that was great as well.
      Another important thing was my cutlet disintegrated when rolled only in bread crumbs, so I had to put the potato mixture into a allflour (maida) mix then rolled in breadcrumbs, the shape came great and the taste was good too.


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