Feb 9, 2011

Red Kidney bean Koftas

When Srivalli , announced about Blogging Marathon , wanted to participated in it ...and she sent me details about that ....she has given some 7 categories ..and also gave a special note that this time alone , we can choose daily one category ...so hoping that will continue posting the recipes on all the seven days without any hindrances ...and here are the list of fellow bloggers , who are taking part in this marathon ....

Well Coming to the recipe , Today I chose the snacks category ....My son is a big fan of koftas ...often I do koftas ...just keep changing the ingrendients ...

Ingredients needed :
  • Red kidney beans - 2 cups
  • Oats - 1 cup
  • Bread crumbs 
  • Salt
  • Chilli Powder
  • Lime juice
  • Oil
 Method :

Soak red kidney beans overnight and pressure cook it well , till done. Soak oats in water and leave it for 5 mins ...then squeeze the water fully and keep it aside You can also add just the powdered oats drain the excess water in red kidney beans and grind it coarsely, just use the whip/pulse button and do it for few secs. to the grinded beans add the oats + salt + chilli powder + lime juice and mix it well now take a small ball size of the dough and roll it well in bread crumbs either u can deep fry these koftas in oil or use paniyaram pan and add little oil and fry it well ...keeping the flame in medium so that it gets cooked well. You can enjoy these with tomato sauce ...


    1. yummy snack..like the addition of oats!

    2. Protein rich snack and you did not deep fry it either.. Love it!

    3. very healthy kofthas.apt for a winter evening snack..thanks for sharing

    4. Oats and red beans - and pan fried.
      Innovative and lovely recipe.

    5. guilt free koftas...they look yummy! perfect side dish for biryani!


    6. Koftas looks super delicious..prefect evening snacks..

    7. Kidney beans are my favourite! I will bookark this recipe to try out your koftas!!

    8. Koftas with kidney beans and oats!!!! very innovative Gayatri.

    9. Very interesting snack Gayarthri..

    10. Healthy pack Gayathri, Can I grab some...

    11. Kavitha

      Lovely healthy koftas.....def must try the recipe....
      Red kidney beans and oats..what wonderful variation and lovely to see them steamed not fried..
      Bookmarked this recipe
      Best Wishes

    12. Rajma is one of my favourite beans and this sounds like a nice way to use it.

    13. Very innovative koftas. Preparing it in paniyaram pan is a wonderful idea who are health conscious..

    14. Healthy Koftas. Glad to follow you. Check out the roundup of Deep fried snacks in my blog.

    15. Very healthy snack esp since its not deep fried

    16. i have never tried cooking them in paniyaaram pan!!!! Nice way to save on the Calories!!!! Looks Delicious!!!!

    17. Wow.. full of protein goodness. Koftas look perfect.

    18. Thanks a lot to each and every one ..you all made my day ..

    19. Hey, that a lovely snack idea - YUM

    20. Gayu,
      looks perfect and healthy version!will def try this.


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