Dec 15, 2009

Raw plantain peel fry

Quick Hi n a Quick Recipe :)  -

I knw...I knw...I knw :D Guess wat I knw..."I'm an irregular student to my dear most blogging school" :(               
                 Apologies for staying away from you all for the past couple of months...and special thanks to Gaays for her thoughtful blog anniversary wishes, for sharing her yummy recipes inspite of my absence, for being such a chweet friend and for also missing me :) I also missed u soooooooo much Gaays....As usual, everytime I get a reason and this time itz gonna be sure a special one cos it includes my india trip...Yeah, had a blast back in India for some time and here I am... fully exhausted and tired(hahaha....did u expect me to say "back in form")  Pulling those words from my mouth is gonna be really tough for a while :)
                 If I start my notes on India trip, then I wud end up being all sober again...So for heaven's sake letz catch up with some quick recipe my fellow blogmates...To start with, I'm gonna use something which I have considered to be a waste for years...Never knew that someone cud make a dish out of it....Got this recipe from my mom...No justice if I don't share it with u...So here it is !!!

Watz the secret ingredient....Raw Plantain "Peel"...Yeah, u heard it rite...this was quite new for me...hope it wud be for some of you too...if itz nt, then I accept tat I am the dumb one ;)

  • Raw Plantain peel - 1 ( cut as juliennes)
  • Salt and pepper – as req 
  • Vadakam - for tempering
  • Oil - as req
  • Turmeric pdr - a pinch


First cook the raw plantain peel in warm water after adding lil salt and turmeric pdr to it. I microwaved it for 7 mins. In a pan , add oil. Once itz hot add the vadakam. You can also substitute this with mustard seeds + urad dhal or even juz skip the tempering. After tempering add the cooked peels (after draining water) to oil and saute till it turnes 75% dark and crispy. When it is getting sauteed you can add pepper pdr and salt as req to it. Crispy raw plantain peel fry is ready to be served with hot rice. Enjoy !!!!


  1. aioo , London la night temp. 40.c ... naan paarkarathu kanava illai Nejamaa??? Kavitha come sooooooon .
    hey this is entirely new recp. to me, have to try this for sure ...aarambame kalakkara po..

  2. hahahaha....missed these blog talks so much gaays...thanks dear for all the support u render..luv ya..


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