Dec 31, 2009

Maida honey biscuits:

This was a recipe which I came across in some TV program. Since I don't have much of a sweet tooth and also trying to stay on a diet these days, there is no way that I might try out this quick yet yummy recipe in the near future....Me not going to try it out, isn't going to stop me from sharing the recipe :) Here you go....

From maida, make a dough similar to the one made for poori. Then spread it out like poori after applying some oil in hand and dusting in maida. Make some rectangles from the poori. Fry them in hot oil.Fry till golden brown and remove it once done.

In another pan, add butter. Add cashews + badam + pista + dry fuits and saute till well fried. Cool it. Transfer the fried biscuits to this.Once cooled add honey to it.


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