Jan 19, 2009

Vazhakkai curry

Ingredients needed :
  1. Vazhakkai
  2. Chilli powder
  3. Hing powder
  4. Jeera powder
  5. Dhaniya powder
  6. Salt
  7. Oil
Method :

Peel the skin and cut the vazhakkai in round thin slices and drop all the pieces in a bowl of water , to avoid vazhakkai becoming black in colour , in a seperate bowl mix salt + chilli powder + jeera powder + dhaniya powder + hing + one tbsp. oil + little water and mix well everything and make it like a paste...now drain the water fully and drop all the vazhakkai pieces in this mixture and set aside for few mins. Heat the tawa and place each pieces seperately and fry it on both the sides by adding little oil.
    spicy Vazhakkai curry is ready.


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