Mar 4, 2015

Basundi ~~ Happy birthday kavitha / 600th Post

                Today Happy to share a special recipe in our blog this is 600th post . Thanks a lot to each and every followers / friends for constantly encouraging us to post more and more recipes with you all ...and also today Kavitha's birthday ..Wishing her a Very Happy birthday enjoy this virtual small treat ..

Ingredients needed :

  • Milk - 2.5 litres 
  • Water - 1/2 cup 
  • Badam - 10
  • Cashew - 10 
  • Pista - 10 
  • Elachi powder - little

               Ground Badam, cashews, Pista coarsely and keep it ready. Heat a big kadai or Pressure cooker add milk and allow it to boil well .

Once it starts to boil keep the flame in medium to low heat and keep stirring it occasionally make sure it doesn't get burnt , when the milk is getting reduced add sugar (adjust sugar according to your taste) and mix it well ..

Once it is almost getting thicker add the grounded cashew, badam, pista and elachi powder and keep it stirring it well and when it gets thicker switch off the flame ...allow it to cool well and serve it chili ..

Yummy Basundi is ready .

Once again Wishing you many more Happy returns  to you. 


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