Mar 4, 2011

Mixed Fruit Milkshake

Wish you Many More Happy returns of the day .. No matter how far or how long, I will always be there for you.  You are someone very special to me ..Very Happy to have you as a friend , sister ...Love you so much ..Enjoy ur day ...and here is a small treat to u ..Hope to meet you soon ..
Happy Birthday Kavitha!

I think no need for a recipe for this ...still :

Chop apples + banana + pear and blend it well by adding 1/2 cup of milk + sugar + MTR badam powder ...and enjoy it ...

Once again ...Happy Birthday dear ...

With Lots of love and Hugs..


  1. That was so very sweet of you sweet just like ur milkshake :) THanks darl....Love you too...Muuuaahhhh....

  2. cool milkshake and lovely effort.


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