Nov 4, 2014

How to clean Vazhaipoo / Plantain flower

Before starting to chop the flower and make dish out of it these are the steps needed to be followed . Will post few recipes soon. 

            Apply oil to your hand this helps to prevent your hand from becoming black . Take a bowl of water and mix little buttermilk into that and set aside , once you chop vazhaipoo add it to this water + buttermilk mixture , this helps preventing the chopped flower turning into black ..

          Remove each red petals (Picture 2) and take the bunch of flower separately and spread it in news paper (Picture 3) once done with full flower , take a bunch of flower and rub the top gently on your palm ,  you will see the bud like stamen and (Picture 6) and a small petal (Picture 5) remove both the parts (Picture 7 and 8)and then finally chop the flower and add it to the water + buttermilk mixture .  


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