May 23, 2013

Back again with some Papaya popsicle :)

Hey there everyone, yes, its me :) It has been quite sometime since I blogged. Been busy with kids...yep, you heard it right, I said kid"S"....I have 2 of 'em now. Life has been hectic, running around, trying to catch up with the change. I think I have kinda settled now, or even if not, I've planned to get back to blogosphere. This is something I love doing and maybe it would bring down my stress. You never know what would make the magic :D so why not give it a try. Cling on friends, cos the kitchen is going to get busy again, with lotsa food and fun. A plus to the blog this time would some baby food preparations :) :) :)  As already mentioned, I'm a mom of two now and it is summer here in AZ. So I plan to kickstart with some easy breezy Popsicle. They are my son's fav and now the lil gal seems to get a grasp of it too. Here go the recipe. Give it a try and let me know how much the kids loved it.


Papaya chunks
Half and Half (optional)
Sugar (or) Maple Syrup


Blend all the above, adjusting the maple syrup as per your taste. Pour them into the Popsicle tray and freeze them. After couple of hours, take them out from your freezer for some yummy papaya popsicle :) I bet the kids will love them. 


  1. Welcome Back to Blogging!!
    Refreshing popsicle, perfect to beat the heat..

  2. Wow ! Welcome back !!! that's a gud post...

  3. Thanks feels so good to get back :)


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