Apr 20, 2015

Garlic bread

Ingredients needed : 

  • Bread slices - 4
  • Unsalted butter - little
  • Garlic pods - 3
  • Coriander leaves - little
  • Mixed dried herbs - little
  • Pepper powder - little
  • Salt - little


               Take a small bowl add Butter + salt + pepper powder + mixed dried herbs and mix it well and make like a paste ...

Chop coriander leaves finely and peel the skin and grate garlic finely and add it to the mixed butter and mix it well ..if needed you can melt the butter and use it ..

Spread the butter mixture on bread well and heat tawa and place the bread cook it for few minutes on medium flame (till the garlic gets cooked)..then turn the bread and cook it for few seconds on the top side and serve it hot ...

Yummy garlic bread is ready ..you can have it with soup ..


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