Jan 13, 2015

Karakuzhambu - Hotel style

              Saw this recipe here have already tried it lot of times ..you can make it with brinjal + onions and once with brinjal + onions + drumstick . Both ways taste Yummy. Goes excellent with rice and potato curry. If you get round brinjal the recipe will taste better and if using it you can just slit the brinjal into four cuts and add it as whole brinjal and make it ...I have used the long brinjal 

Ingredients needed : 

  1. Brinjal - 5 or 6
  2. Big Onion - 1
  3. Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp. 
  4. Tamarind juice - 1 cup
  5. Tomato - 1

To temper : 
  1. Oil - Gingelly oil (preferred) 
  2. Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp.
  3. Urid dhal - 1/2 tsp.
  4. Methi seeds - 1/4 tsp.
  5. Curry leaves - 1 string
  6. Hing powder - little

To Grind : 

  • Tomato - 1 
  • Chana dhal - 2 tbsp. 
  • Coriander seeds - 1 tbsp. 
  • Jeera - 1/2 tsp.
  • Grated coconut - 1 cup
  • Small onion - 10 
  • Sambhar powder 


              Fry the ingredients given under "to grind" in one tsp. oil and allow it to cool well. Chop tomato roughly and take it in mixie and add sambhar powder to this add the fried ingredients and grind it into smooth paste ... if needed add little water and set aside. 

Chop brinjal and soak it in a bowl of water + little salt to avoid change in colour ..Peel the skin of onions and chop it lengthwise and chop tomatoes and keep it ready. Soak tamarind in bowl of water and extract juice . 

Heat a kadai add gingelly oil + mustard seeds + urid dhal + methi seeds + hing + big onions + salt + hing powder + turmeric powder  and cook it for few minutes to this add chopped tomatoes and then add chopped brinjal and cook it for few more minutes, if using drumstick add it at this stage to this add tamarind water and allow it to boil well then add the grounded paste + water and cook it till raw smell goes .

once done serve it hot with rice and potato curry.


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