Feb 16, 2012

Bread Sandwich

This is the simple method of making bread sandwich ..made this for my son and gave him a cup of Hot Chocolate - Oats Apple Milkshake ...this combo is very filling breakfast ...I am sure all will enjoy this. 

Ingredients needed : 
  • Carrot
  • Onion
  • Tomato
  • Cucumber 
  • Paneer (opt.)
  • Chat masala powder
Method : 
  • Chop Tomato , onion , carrot , cucumber , paneer into thin slices ...take 2 slice of bread ..
  • In one bread place each one slice of onion + tomato + cucmber + Carrot + Paneer and sprinkle some chat masala powder and place another bread slice 
  • prepare the sandwich with the help of sandwich maker and enjoy it with tomato sauce / ketchup
If you don't have sandwich maker , you can heat the tawa and spread some butter on 2 bread slice and  heat the bread on both sides ...once done u can place a slice of onion + tomato + cucumber +carrot and sprinkle little chat masala and place the other bread slice on top of it and enjoy the sandwich .


  1. Totally YUMMY


  2. so simple.....but very healthy too.nice space vth yumm recipes.........maha

  3. Simple,easy and healthy sandwich for all time.

  4. wow..this looks awesome...very classy..!
    Tasty Appetite

  5. You got an award !! Do check my space !


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