Aug 16, 2010

Gayathri on LEAVE ;)

Chkout the mail from Gaays....Well Gaays, ur LEAVE IS GRANTED !!! ;)
Hi ,
Teacher teacher , as my computer is suffering from Virus ...for past 15 -20 days I was not able to use it properly ...and from last friday it stopped working totally ...As of now managing with my hsuband office laptop....and I am not having any photos for recipes in this computer unable to post it in blog also ...
and I am coming to US to meet u all kindly grant me leave for, previous 15 days land next 20 days leave....and can u post about this in recp. blog teacher??

and also can you inform that as we have to reformat windows vista - the recp. photos may not be displayed for few days ....once i come back from trip ie., sept.7th will get back to blogging work and will get my system repaired by that time will update all the missing photos if any ...
Thanking you .


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