Feb 25, 2010

Sambar Bhel Puri

Hope I don't sound nuts with a recipe title like this :( Well, the fact is, yeah, it is a bhel puri made out from sambar(mostly leftover sambar @ my place) and I had no other name for it...for me n my family, it sure is an easy breezy way of preparing bhel puri...n tatz hw i ended up with this name...Hope i've done justice...If no, Sorry, I can't change it ;) So juz bear with me :D

Coming to how this recipe started...This has been hovering around me since my childhood days n as far as i remember this came from my bro, who loves to experiment his food. During one of our summer
holiday visits to Coimbatore this recipe was declared as an official family fav :) All my cousins, bro n me are die-hard fans of the bhel puris, especially the roadside prepared ones..hehehe...I knw itz nt healthy..bt it was yummy...Once again, for me, taste goes first...i was nt so very health conscious atleast in my childhood days....as a matter of fact, who wud ever be.... Coming back to the story, we were so crazy abt it tat v wud end up asking it almost 3 times a week...Since parents, had to act like parents, they wud say a big "NO" to it if asked more than once a week...Tatz wen v ended up with the plan of preparing bhel puri ourselves...hmm...once again was forced to prepare a recipe ;) V had puffed rice(pori) and the basic veggies like onion and tomboys(Tomatoes)...wat v did nt have was the sauce...all we had was the sambar my chithi prepared for the day....So we went with it...We also added some tomato ketchup to it, cos u knw, No Kid says NO to Tomato ketchup :D We were no different......n when v tasted it, we went yummmmmmmmm......Since then itz been our official kids fav sambar bhel puri :) Thou I've termed it as Kids fav, even nw, I make sure, I prepare extra sambar so that I can have my share of bhel puri from it :)
       I've already given the recipe in the story above, bt people who did nt have the patience to read it, can sure get the recipe from below :)


Pori(Puffed Rice) + Sambar + Onion Finely chopped + Tomatoes finely chopped + Roasted Peanuts + Coriander leaves and then Tomato Ketchup. Mix all this well. Your easy sambar bhel puri is ready to eat :)


  1. Thats really a good use of leftover samabar! A very different and unique bhel puri!

  2. Well , Ithukku peru than okanthu yosipengalo nu sollratha???

    yen husband kku ...mixture la sambhar vittu sapidrathu na pidikkum .... pori la sambhar .. done ...this weekend will tell u the result ...u c weekend than southindian sapadu .....

    paaka superrrrrrrrrrr aa irruku ....yenakku oru parcel .

  3. Thanks Galz :) ...n hold on :)]if incase u r going to try it out, make sure ur sambar is not too light and also if ur puffed rice is saltless, add lil salt...Be careful with the tomato ketchup...don't add too much...

  4. That is a good idea to make use of leftovers! Great recipe!

  5. First time here, you got a great blog with many tantalizing recipes dear.
    Glad to follow u, keep rocking:)

  6. You guys were so innovative as kids, a great imagination or I can say an impromptu preparation. So good.

  7. A nice recipe pof bhel with a twist

  8. Thanks for all the comments and encouragement u render ;;)

  9. Sounds interesting and innovative. Will give it a try soon.


  10. That sounds awesome! Great way to use the leftovers :)


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